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POWERSLIDE (Kenya) @Powerslideband

With their highly anticipated second album, “Heavy Metal and Flowers” Nairobi punk band Powerslide have demonstrated a level of maturity in their songwriting remarkable for their age. They play an infectious millennial take on a variety of modern rock styles that has got them consistent airplay on XFM, Nairobi’s Rock FM station since their debut release back in 2017. Their debut release has been widely welcomed by fans across the spectrum of rock, with the first single “Under the Gaze of Eternity” (Oct, 2020) being added to more than 40 playlists on Spotify alone and their second single “Darkness is my Home” staying in the African Metal top 10 charts for 3 months. The band have assertively shifted focus from their days of pronounced skateboard hooliganism to take on the most serious issues that affect the human condition.



Free version Mp3 64 Kbps (mdundo.com)
Free version Mp3 64 Kbps (mdundo.com)
Free version Mp3 64 Kbps (mdundo.com)


POWERSLIDE have been gracing the stage in Nairobi for the past 4 years. In June 2018 they shared the stage with New York Hardcore heroes Stray From the Path at This is Africa Fest. Their debut album “Cheshire Grin” was released in 2019 by Obsydian Media. Powerslide has a loyal fan base in Kenya and Africa [5k followers] with their consistent DIY production of music, videos and merchandise and for their collaborations with other local artists such as Lord Spikeheart from the band Duma. From designing and selling their own merchandise to shooting and editing their own videos - they are recognised trendsetters for DIY youth lifestyle aesthetic in Kenya. In 2019 they were the recipients of the Best Music Video award from Heavy and The Beast Magazine. Powerslide is a mainstay feature on National TV station K24 on the Rock Tour show. Willy Ojiro (guitars and vocals) [5k followers] and Qreed (Drums) [10k followers] are identified as local influencers and command their own impressive social media followings. The band is receiving attention internationally and from the diaspora from multiple independent media outlets and in Brazil; Nigeria ; and the USA including an interview on Black Rocker’s United.

Powerslide has a strong affiliation with the growing skateboarding scene in Kenya. With the departure of Sam Karugu to industrial metal band Duma the band has taken on renowned local skater, director of the Kenyan Skateboarder’s association, George Gachiri on the bass . Most recently they are the featured band in the Van’s Skate “A Simple Path” episode 5 [delivered to an audience of millions]. Redbull Skateboarding has also produced a documentary featuring the band [70K views]

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