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Metal is a musical genre style that is being repurposed into a new form of musical expression much like reggae emerging in the Caribbean from several borrowed predicator styles. With that in mind the Obsydian Media is a label supporting metal as a predicator of what is yet to come.

The manifesto can thus be borne on 2 words only:

  • f*cking limitless

    Obsydian is going about destroying the existing boundaries and predilection of musical composition and style rather than creating new styles and aesthetics.

    Obsydian Media confronts the individual beyond their existing boundaries of musical comfort and beyond their imagination and perceived conceptions of music and art.

    Therefore art [is viewed as an actual weapon] is an actual means to transform, mutate, influence, or destroy the overt cultural influences in our time [of media and propaganda].

    Obsydian Media stands in direct opposition to the mass commercialisation of music in Africa and seeks to actively undermine the legitimacy of the wholly corrupt music industry in Kenya and other parts of Africa by means of decentralised technologies and marketplaces for the fair use and exchange of music globally

    The goal of Obsydian is to actively prevent these experience from entering the sanctioned marketplace as much as possible by creating our own alternative industries and systems of exchange and accumulation of capital and resources.